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Dark Archway-Scene Stock by shd-stock Dark Archway-Scene Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 103 27 Hope by Kimber by shd-stock Hope by Kimber :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 14 4 Egyptian Props-Object Stock by shd-stock Egyptian Props-Object Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 237 45 Deathland-Scene Stock by shd-stock Deathland-Scene Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 34 5 Arabian Alcove-Scene Stock by shd-stock Arabian Alcove-Scene Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 147 31 Purple Romance-Scene Stock by shd-stock Purple Romance-Scene Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 140 28 Temple of Sinn-Scene Stock by shd-stock Temple of Sinn-Scene Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 131 64 Feathery Fractal-Object Stock by shd-stock Feathery Fractal-Object Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 63 17 Gossamer Fractal-Texture Stock by shd-stock Gossamer Fractal-Texture Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 305 105 Organic Fractal-Texture Stock by shd-stock Organic Fractal-Texture Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 4 1 Basic Wing Tutorial by shd-stock Basic Wing Tutorial :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 396 42 Place of Contemplation by shd-stock Place of Contemplation :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 61 13 Ritual Gate by shd-stock Ritual Gate :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 73 14 Death's Door by shd-stock Death's Door :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 51 8 Despair Wings-Object Stock by shd-stock Despair Wings-Object Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 940 359 Ashjuth Chalice-Object Stock by shd-stock Ashjuth Chalice-Object Stock :iconshd-stock:shd-stock 122 26

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...The Devil's Only Friend by VossBC ...The Devil's Only Friend :iconvossbc:VossBC 3 3
On Commenting

I've been a member of deviantART for more than a year now. During this time, I realised many things about the community, and one of them was that, although it is supposed to help you evolve your skills and develop your own style, everybody (apart from few exceptions -few compared to the number of 2,000,000+ members) praises the good and diggs the rest (except for their friends, of course). I tried to change that in many ways. I +watched any new deviant who seemed he had some potential -and of course was in an area of my knowledge, photography, so that I could help them get better. This was something I've been doing since my first times in dA. The other thing -for which I got suspended for one day- is that I welcomed new users with a comment in their userpage. By doing this, I made them feel more welcome. I remember, during my first weeks in dA, a "beta tester" (omgzorx) had commented on MY page (seemed pretty important to me :) ), welcoming me and giving me the links to
:iconjujimufu:jujimufu 16 22
-- Stock Up -- Vol. 9
Take a peek at these beautiful girls riding these amazing creatures:

I know a lot of these are going to be by the same people, but I want to showcase these to show you just how imaginative stock art can get. I’d love to see these used more and I would love to see more like this, and I’m going to try to make some like this. Just got to come up with my own “horse”
So these stocks can be used on horses, elephants, dragons, tigers, and lots of imaginary creatures! Take a look at these and be inspired!
:thumb30336367: :thumb37142353: :thumb35877942: Riding The Wild Beast Pose by Della-Stock :thumb35977703: :thumb35926511:
Like those? Check out these downloadable stock packs:
:thumb38831647: :thumb38960089: :thumb35992864: :thumb35895807:
And how about some real riders?
jump 2 by stockhorse jump 13 by stockhorse :thumb29601193: :thumb244196
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 41 21
King of Diamonds by Driven-Crazy King of Diamonds :icondriven-crazy:Driven-Crazy 7 20 The Two by Nattyw The Two :iconnattyw:Nattyw 9 19 red diamond by hautegothique red diamond :iconhautegothique:hautegothique 5 22 Music To My Ears by balloons Music To My Ears :iconballoons:balloons 20 14 Her Love Of Writing... by theorderoffeeling Her Love Of Writing... :icontheorderoffeeling:theorderoffeeling 2 28
-- Stock Up -- Vol 8.
We’ve seen a world of oceans and waterfalls in stock, now let’s take time to sift through the endless model stock to find some quality mermaids and sirens to put in your water!
First, let's take a quick look at some cool manipulations that have used some great model stock:
   :thumb31326003: Perilous Waters by trinity-77
Now check out some awesome creative model stocks
Danielle Sitting Nude Back 1 by FantasyStock :thumb25404497: :thumb22876406: :thumb36618129: :thumb36495317: :thumb30435026: oceans apart 4 by LongStock Mermaid stock 1 by angelcurioso Underwater 2 by TheRedBamboo :thumb36495036: :thumb36195643: mermaid 5 by sparklingsophie :thumb30319755: :thumb29386997: Mermaid series 9 by astrals-stock  glitterstock-mer by glitterstock Underwater 3 by TheRedBamboo oceans apart 2 by LongStock :thumb36815273: siren pack example by syccas-stock :thumb36754794: Ribbons DelightfulStock by DelightfulStock Mermaid 2 by AttempteStock  dirty blanket5 by PhoeebStock :thumb32634380: Mermaid Stock 03 by Styletta Mermaid 2 by fetishfaerie-stock :thumb2996
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 26 20
DigitalMedia 3D Highlights!
Welcome to DigitalMedia 3D Highlights - Edition 2!
This is a monthly newsletter that focuses specifically on 3D artwork, and will include picks and reviews of arguably some of the best, and often overlooked 3D work out there, as well as eventually interviews, tutorials and in-depth reviews of works both past and present. We will try to keep this as varied as possible so as to bring you opinions and information on the world of 3D. We also listen to you and want your ideas! We will bring some of your best ideas to light.
Abstract 3D Reviews
This time around I want to focus on a particular style of 3D; abstract. For some, abstract 3D allows the artist to stretch and bend their mind and creativity to convey it in their artwork. We've seen some amazing pieces of abstract 3D design on this site over time and the three below are no exception.

by Jesar is an awesomely intricate 3D abstract work that pulses with flow and creativity. This artist h
:iconchromosphere:chromosphere 31 14
Skeleton Dead by markopolio-stock Skeleton Dead :iconmarkopolio-stock:markopolio-stock 97 45
The Identity of the Mona Lisa is Revealed
The riddle of who was woman behind the enigmatic symbol of femininity that is the Mona Lisa has been solved. Theorists had long held forth suppositions that ranged from the woman being DaVinci’s mother to a prostitute and finally to the artist himself in feminine form. After four centuries of fierce debate, researchers today revealed that the woman in question was a mother of five, Lisa Gherardini the wife of wealthy Florentine silk merchant Ser Francesco del Giocondo.
A French expert reported that a careful study of the painting by a team of scientists using infrared and 3-D technology revealed that the woman in the painting had just given birth to her second son at the time of the sitting. The technology enabled the scientists to see details long obscured through the many layers of paint. The dress was covered in a fine, transparent gauze veil, typically worn by Italian women in the 16th Century who were either pregnant or had just given birth. With these newly-discovered detail
:iconiconicimagery:IconicImagery 119 103
-- Stock Up -- Vol. 7
I just spent a week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Since most of that time was spent on the beach, I thought it would be nice to share some ocean stock with you. Well, isn’t an ocean shot complete in itself? Well yes, but let’s see what people have accomplished with these already beautiful shots!

Now pick up that sea shell, and see if you can hear the waves!:
:thumb33593573: Waves and Rock2 by tat2kitty-stock Ocean Pier 3 by M3-Productions :thumb26993505: foggy beach by lampshaded :thumb17465817: Ocean by prayme-stock Waves 2 by ElizaTibbits-Stock :thumb36511945: TS Alberto Beach Clouds.3 by Della-Stock :thumb34464361: From the Cave by AilinStock LS - Beach 021905-0062 by leialohastock :thumb33593976: :thumb30808584: Ocean 2 by thiselectricheart
Oh, and I just have to throw in this sweet mermaid image that I found:
Mermaid stock 2 by angelcurioso
And for those of you who will be using these stock images, please remember to follow the stock-provider’s rules.
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 46 13
calling for temptation by hautegothique calling for temptation :iconhautegothique:hautegothique 6 39



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My Birthday Today...wup-di-doo LOL

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 10:56 AM
Welcome to My Stock Account!

Happy Birthday to Me!! :lmao:
Another year older & deeper in debt! Alot of debt!!!

I'm falling behind on some things so this will be short & sweet! ;P

Birthday gifts from :iconcherishedmemories: & :iconbrutalbich:
Happy Birthday, Kimber by CherishedMemoriesHappy Birthday Kimber by brutalbich
Thank you sweeties!!! :glomp: :hug: :cuddle:

Breast Cancer Awareness deviations from my stock!
:thumb63857114:Think Pink by Gild-a-Lily
Be sure to check out the Think Pink Contest II by :iconjunkbyjen:
Also check out The Pink Quilt Contest by :icontachy-on:

For more Deviant Pink Goodness for Breast Cancer Awareness,
Visit :iconoibyrd: journal:…

<img src="…"

I do want to thank everyone for the favs, wonderful comments, & support! :love:
I can't get to each & every one but know that I do read them & appreciate all greatly! :hug:

:iconkimber-shd: Main Art Account

<img src="…"

:iconoibyrd: Sandi's Final Countdown…


Join the Weekly Contests by
This week's theme is "As I sat upon the stair, I saw a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today, I wish to God he'd go away!
Make something missing something. Draw me in with what's missing.".
C'mon and have a little fun!

DA Birthday "LUST" Stock Contest
Stock Art's Seven Sins theme! Luuuuuusty :drool:

~Stock Terms of Use~

1) Please give credit where credit is due. :thumbsup:
2) Note me or comment with a link so I can see what you've created! :thumbsup:
3) Do Not Use for racist, defamatory, or pornographic works! :thumbsdown:
4) Do Not Use for hate works against anyone's religion or sexual preference. :thumbsdown:
(There is a difference between Dark art & Hate art, so if you are unsure, note me.)

~Special Notice~

*I hereby grant All DA Artists the right to make prints that include my stock in their works!*

**Deviations marked with *NON_COMMERCIAL USE ONLY* cannot be used for profit.
This is due because of use restrictions for certain free products made available.

~Favorite Stockers~


~Community Projects~

:iconartistsofcolor: Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582

<img src="…"
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